fine arts

UGCS provides students ample opportunities to develop their God-given talents through the arts. Beginning in elementary school, students participate in weekly music and art classes. Students showcase their talents in the elementary Christmas program and Grandparent's Day. Junior high and high school students may choose from the fine arts electives of art, choir, handbells, and speech.
UGCS is a North Carolina Christian School Association member. Through the association, elementary, junior high, and high school students compete with other schools across the state in music, speech, academics, art, spelling, and more. Qualified high school students compete nationally with the American Association of Christian Schools at Bob Jones University.
* Limited music private lessons for all ages are also available through the school.
UGCS also holds a yearly drama seminar directed by the renowned Academy of Arts. During drama seminar week, students receive training in stage hair/make-up, set design, and sound/lighting. Under the direction of the Academy of Arts, students present a high-quality, Christian-based production at the end of the week. It is always a highlight of the school year!