Privacy Policy for Union Grove Christian School

Effective Date: October 19, 2023

1. School Information
Union Grove Christian School is a Christian educational institution located at 2295 Union Grove Road, Lexington, NC 27295.Our official website is accessible at

2. Data Controller
The entity responsible for the management and oversight of personal data collected through this website is Union GroveChristian School.

3. Purpose of Data Collection
We collect specific personal information, namely names, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers, exclusivelywhen it is voluntarily provided by individuals through the various contact forms on our website. This data is collected for thesole purpose of facilitating effective communication and addressing inquiries.

4. Legal Basis
The processing of this data is firmly grounded in two key legal principles:
Consent: Individuals provide their personal data voluntarily, demonstrating their consent for us to process this information.
Legitimate Interest: Our institution has a legitimate interest in processing this data to efficiently respond to inquiries andmaintain open lines of communication.

5. Data Sharing
Union Grove Christian School has a strict policy of not sharing the collected data with any third parties. We maintain theconfidentiality and privacy of the information provided to us.

6. Data Retention
Different types of data collected are subject to varying retention periods, but as a standard practice, we retain this informationfor a period of 30 days. After this timeframe, the data is securely and systematically deleted or shredded to ensure completeprotection against unauthorized access.

7. Data Security
We take data security seriously and have implemented stringent measures to safeguard the collected data. Once the data isno longer required for its intended purpose, we ensure its secure disposal to mitigate the risk of any unauthorized access.

8. Cookies and Tracking
To protect the privacy of our website visitors, Union Grove Christian School does not employ cookies or any form of trackingtechnology.

9. User Rights
Individuals who wish to exercise their rights in relation to their data, including amending or withdrawing their information,may initiate this process by contacting our school office.

10. Contact Information
For inquiries and matters related to data privacy, we encourage individuals to reach out to us using the following contactdetails:
Union Grove Christian School, Isaiah Clonch
Phone: (336) 764-3105

11. Policy Updates
Our institution is committed to transparency, and we ensure that users are promptly informed of any modifications to thisprivacy policy through a pop-up message that appears when accessing our website.

12. Compliance with Laws
We adhere to all relevant data protection laws and regulations that are applicable to our data processing activities, even ifthere are no specific laws that we are required to comply with.

13. Children's Privacy
Our institution does not collect information from children unless it is provided to us by their parents or legal guardians. Weprioritize the protection of children's privacy and comply with applicable laws governing this area.

This privacy policy is subject to periodic revision, and we recommend that individuals review it regularly for updates andchanges.