Lower Division


Spiritual Development

Union Grove Christian School strives for students to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and grow in their relationship with him through intentional discipleship. These goals are met through daily Bible classes, weekly chapel services, and scheduled weeks of intentional spiritual emphasis. 


Elementary students predominantly use Abeka and BJU Press curriculum, known for their emphasis on traditional teaching methods and strong focus on core subjects such as English, mathematics, and science. These curricula are widely recognized for their structured and comprehensive approach, incorporating a combination of textbooks, workbooks, and hands-on activities to cater to diverse learning styles. Educators appreciate the rigorous content and systematic progression, while students benefit from a well-rounded educational experience that lays a solid foundation for their academic journey.

Athletic Opportunities

Union Grove Christian School realizes the importance of physical activity and team building. Two seasons throughout the year, an intramural elementary league is provided for students to be involved. An intramural elementary league is available two times during the year. An elementary basketball league occurs in the winter, and an elementary soccer league occurs in the spring. These are organized through the school and take place on campus.

To sign up for the 2023 Patriot League Basketball program, click here.