Registration Fees

Re-Enrollment Registration Fee

Jan 16 - Feb 11
Feb 12 -

The enrollment fee must be paid in full to secure a spot for your child.

New Student Registration Fee

Opens Feb 12

Fee may be delayed if applying for the Opportunity Scholarship.

Curriculum Fee

Due by June 15
After June 15

This fee is nonrefundable unless application is rejected by the administration.

Tuition Schedule


$5,380.00 Annually
$538.00 Monthly

First - Sixth

$5,880.00 Annually
$588.00 Monthly

Seventh - Twelfth

$6,130.00 Annually
$613.00 Monthly

Full-Time Extended Stay Charges

All elementary students can attend before and after school extended stay for a minimal charge. Before school Early Stay ends at 7:45 AM. After school Late Stay begins at 3:00 PM. Students on the property before 7:45 AM or after 3:00 PM are subject to extended stay charges.

Extended Stay

Opens: 6:30AM
Closes: 6:00PM

Full-Time Extended Stay
K5 - 6th

(May be paid in 10 months)

Part-Time Extended
Stay Charges

$7.50/hour ($40.00 Daily Maximum)
Charges do not include tuition this year. Extended stay is only available on school days.